Pampered your pet by grooming in Dubai

Canines are considered humans best friend. They deserve the best from us as they give unconditional love, good companionship, loyalty and protection from any danger. Apart from right food, pet grooming in Dubai help in maintaining healthy and active pets. Pet owners suggest pet grooming at home is the most convenient and cost-effective solution. But, my busy schedule leaves me with one good option of engaging professional paid grooming services in Dubai.

The responsibility of grooming at home and keeping them healthy is a hard task. Pet owner has to perform grooming techniques regularly to help their pets live a healthy life. Some important pet grooming activities you should do for your dogs every day are

Dog bath is a must

Give your dog a bath with lukewarm water regularly. this activity helps to get rid of insects or bacteria which irritates your dogs skin and cleans their coat. If your dog doesn’t have a thick fur, you can reduce the frequency of bathing your dog twice a week.

Brushing dog’s coat

Brushing is a very important activity for any breed of dog. Brushing brings out the underlying ticks which are attached to the dog’s coat and cause irritation to your pet. Also, brushing prevents your dog’s coat from mating and giving them discomfort.

Clipping the nails

Dog’s nails grow and cause problems for them and you as well. Long nails can become weak and break easily causing bleeding.  To avoid this, clip your pet nails using a clipper.

Cleaning their paws

Dogs love to run around and their paws get dirty very easily. Make sure you clean them and check for wounds on the paws and treat them immediately. Also, use dog shoes whenever you take them out in the hot sun.