What is VTS and How Does It Works ?

Vehicle Tracking System has become an essential these days and a lot of companies are offering high-end VTSs. One such company is Majees Tech. It is an Oman based company that offers with various engineering products, tools and mechanisms such flare stack, fire and security systems, HVACs and VTSs.
While the company is known for its excellent flare stacks, it also provides supreme VTSs. This system tracks the physical location of a vehicle and thus serves as a security tool which helps during unfortunate situations such as theft or accident. The modern day VTSs use GPS or GLONASS to track the location of the vehicle. Apart from these other location detection systems can also be used.

Working of VTSs
This system works as the complete vehicle management and monitoring security solution that is highly reliable. Once the tracking system is installed in a vehicle, the system keeps tracking its location through satellite monitoring or other automatic tracking mechanisms.

A VTS has a tracking device, software, a server. Most of the times, GPS (Global Positioning System), is used to track the location. GPS can track the real-time location of the vehicle as well as the store the information for future use. GPS use GNSS network, which gathers information from satellites and transmits it back to the GPS devices.

Features of a VTS include the following –

It has movement alert
It is also equipped with speed alert
It provides all the details in static view
It can be controlled or monitored using a remote control
The location can be viewed on a dedicated application
Fuel and mileage can be monitored
Also provides accident detection
Majees Tech is the best destination for purchasing high-end, fully functional VTSs. The company maintains supreme standards to ensure that the customers get only the best products.

Botox treatments are a safe and effective way to reduce lines and smooth out wrinkles


I lost weight recently and this changed the way my face and neck look. With time wrinkles and fine lines filled up my face and it was impossible for me to get back my normal look.

My cosmetologist said, “Most wrinkles are the consequence of aging and every year a huge number of individuals swing to Botox in Dubai”.

With treatment to the face, wrinkles on the forehead, smile lines, crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows can be treated; it improves facial appearance and helps you boost your confidence and mood.

Stress lines over the brow and the vertical lines between the eyebrows shape when we express ourselves, and over time, as a result of repeated smiling and frowning movements, dynamic facial lines and wrinkles begin to develop. Botox mellows the look of these facial fine lines and wrinkles.

Botox in dubai

A trained and certified cosmetic surgeon can perform the procedure to give your face a fresh and subtle appearance and not a stiff and expressionless look. The treatment is almost painless; many experts will numb the area with a weak aesthetic before the procedure so that this discomfort doesn’t cause problems.

Very tiny amount of Botox is injected into several specific areas on the face using a disposable it in the syringe which has a very fine needle. These specific areas are carefully examined depending on the movement of your facial muscles.

The Botox injection lessons the muscle activity that causes wrinkles to form on the face. Actions such as smiling, laughing, frowning can all add to the beginning of wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

Botox takes not more than 10 minutes for the procedure. One can start experiencing the changes gradually from 24 hours to 2 weeks for the full effect to appear. The outcomes last for 3 to 5 months and your cosmetic surgeon medicament you to repeat that treatment 3 to 4 times a year cosmetic surgeons in Dubai offer various procedures for the face and body like Botox, dermal fillers, liposuction, lip augmentation, and rhinoplasty and many more treatments to help you get an attractive, Younger, slimmer, and more beautiful you.


Gallbladder disease and symptoms

Gallbladder disease generates a wide range of non-specific symptoms in patients. Patients usually experience differentiated symptoms according to their age and sex. Although gallbladder affections and problems can occur in both sexes, more women than men experience gallstones (men have more kidney stones). More men than women suffer from acute gallbladder inflammation (cholecystitis).

Gallbladder disease is one of the leading causes of digestion problems resulting in admission in hospitals in Dubai. To diagnose the gallbladder disease, your Gastroenterologist in Dubai will ask you about your medical history and perform a physical examination of your abdomen to check for any pain in the abdomen. He may also ask you to go for some tests.

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Reasons to get business advisory services for your company

With every passing day, we can see a rising competition in the commercial arena. And therefore in order to succeed, adopting an all-pervasive approach is an important aspect for all businesses. this means that means as a business owner you would have a lot of responsibilities, which include recruiting the right people in your business, devising business strategies that help in achieving success, keeping the client and employee satisfied, getting done all the paperwork appropriately and more. In such a scenario, the business advisory services Dubai are more than just a relief.

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Things to consider while choosing an Insurance broker/agent

We know that insurance sector is full of all percent is as well as risks. One should choose the best insurance brokers in Abu Dhabi before insured in your business. There is a need to understand the rules of the insurance policies in order to get the best out of it.

Before picking a representative you ought to know a little about the Insurance dealers. One is the “captive brokers”- They offer insurances policies of only one kind of company.The other kind is the “independent brokers” who offer insurances policies of more than one company.

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Different categories of perfumes available in perfume stores

Whenever you are out to buy perfumes in Dubai it’s very likely to get confused in the variety of choices of fragrances that you might find in a perfume store. Out of all the aspects in a perfume, the strength or concentration of fragrance determines the price of the perfume as well as its suitability on different skin types. Let us take a look at the different types of perfumes based on the strength.

  •         Parfum

These are generally the most exensive types of scents and are also called extrait de parfum or simply pure perfumes. These have the highest concentration of fragrance. They consist around 15% to 30% of fragrance. Due to this their smell also last from six to eight hours. Moreover, since these perfumes have less alcohol concentration, it is best suited for people having sensitive skin types.

  •         Eau de Parfum

Eau de parfum (EDP) is next to parfum having the next highest fragrance concentration from around 15% and 20%. The smell of eau de parfum lasts for about four to five hours. It is also expensive but far less than parfum. Although it has a slightly higher concentration of alcohol than parfum, people with sensitive skin can opt for this fragrance type.

Buy perfumes in Dubai
  •         Eau de Toilette

In an eau de toilette (EDT), the concentration of fragrance is usually between 5% and 15%. Therefore this type of perfume is cheaper and quite popularly used by many. The smell of this type of perfume lasts for just around three hours. Generally people consider wearing eau de toilette during the day. But because of the higher concentration of alcohol, it is not suitable for people with sensitive skin.

  •         Eau de Cologne

From all of the above mentioned categories, the eau de cologne, or EDC, has the lowest fragrance concentration of about 2% to 4%. But it consists of a high concentration of alcohol and so is quite cheaper. The smell generally last for duration of two hours. Not recommended to be used by those having sensitive skin types,

V Perfumes is one of the best places to buy perfumes in Dubai of every type and category at affordable prices.

Simple Bed Bug Treatments: That Will Help You Eradicate Bed Bugs

Dealing with pests and insects has become very challenging nowadays. One of the toughest pests to deal with is the bed bug. Bed bugs are very difficult to get rid of once they have entered your house. One of the best ways to eliminate them is to hire professional pest control services that have experience dealing with bed bugs. But everyone may not be able to afford such services or may lack knowledge or may be out of reach of such services. Go here and check out this website. Hence it has become essential to be aware of certain do-it-yourself (DIY) bed bug elimination techniques.

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The best curtain colors to suit your modern house

Curtains or Sheer blinds come in variety of colors and textures however it turns out to be a significant issue when you have such a large number of alternatives to look over. The basic choice is to select between the texture and the lace. When you are in the store to get a few window curtains in Dubai, you are in for a great surprise. All those lovely nets and colors will confuse you, unless you have decided beforehand precisely what form of curtains you’d wish to get. One among the most important factors are this choice is your interior theme subject and style.

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