Iphone Vs Android

The price of apple iPhone 7 in Dubai is ranges from AED2,5 60 to AED3,130.00 and this expensive nature of an iPhone often lets you think over your plans of purchasing it. But leaving aside the price, the choice between an iPhone and Android is really tough as there are many common features in the models of the two brands.

eDubbuy.com is one of the online electronic store where you can easily get an Apple iPhone 7 priced in Dubai around AED 2, 560 to AED 3, 130. You can also get latest Android phones at this estore at great deals and offers. To avoid confusion between choosing an iPhone or Android, read on further to know a few key differences in the two and make an apt choice.

  •         Hardware

The first difference between the two lies in the hardware. Since only Apple company creates iPhones, so it creates the hardware of an iPhone to work with its software. Whereas Google allows its Android software to be used by different smartphone companies like Samsung, Sony, Motorola, HTC, LG and a lot of others. This is why there is lot of difference in the size, weight, features, and quality. Of course an expensive model will be much more reliable whereas a cheaper one may freeze, overheat or give such issues.  

  •         Apps

When it comes to Apps, then an iPhone is a clear winner in this case. Although Android allows too many apps on the Google Play store and Apple does a little less, but it is famously strict about what kind of apps does it allows. Not all of the best apps make it to the iPhone store and those which does, not necessarily can be found on Google Play as well.

  •         Integration with Other Devices

It is seen that besides using their smartphones, many people also use their tablet, laptop, or a smartwatch or a wearable like that. For all such people, an apple would be a great buy as it offers a consistent and integrated experience. They can use their iPhone to unlock their Mac, or receive a call coming on your iPhone from any of your Apple device. This is not possible on Android unless all the devices are from the same company.