Important tips for invisible braces users

The first thing which strikes your mind when we think about braces is metal brackets and wires on somebody’s teeth. The good news is that current orthodontic procedures have advanced a lot. Now you can go beyond just getting an attractive smile on your face with the latest invisible braces in Dubai

Invisible braces -these props are basically invisible that means they come without any brackets, wire, rubber bands but a simple and transparent tray. They are customized to fit your mouth. The transparent aligners gradually move your teeth until they are rectified and straightened, enhancing your smile.

Here are some important tips for invisible braces users-

  • It is very important to keep an overall hygiene. Not just the brace but also the teeth should be kept clean to avoid problems like bad breath, discoloration of teeth, gum diseases and cavities.
Invisible braces in Dubai
  • The patients must make a regular habit of removing plague during invisible braces treatment to get the maximum benefit of the treatment in a short span of time. The presence of invisible braces in the mouth gives more hiding place for the food particles. When food particles it for a long time in the mouth, they can cause different dental problems.


  • Give extra care including the spots where there is contact between the teeth and the aligners. The Corners must be cleaned properly keeping in mind that hidden food particles will prompt foul smell and decay. By the help of an angular brush, you can clean the teeth as well as braces properly.   


  • Consider cleaning your teeth especially after every meal. Do not let food decay in your mouth and from harmful bacteria. If pressing it’s not possible after every lunch, go for a mouthwash and flossing your teeth.
  • The aligners ought to be worn at all circumstances apart from brushing your teeth and eating. The orthodontist will give you 3 sets of aligners which are to be changed regularly; it will take you for around 6 weeks. After that, consult your orthodontist to check the progress of your treatment and furnish you with a new set.

Consult an expert orthodontics before undergoing an invisible braces treatment in Dubai.