How creativity can enhance the overall look of the home

In simple terms, home is the place where one lives but in reality, home is the place where one not only lives but also dreams big, fights the odds, faces life’s struggles, grows, evolves and wishes. A home reflects the personality, taste, lifestyle and many more things about a person.

Whether it is a simple and modest flat, a comfortable apartment or a lavish bungalow, everyone dreams of having a home as per their comfort, taste and style. Here is when creativity gets into the picture. Ranging from a simple hand painting to designing your home entirely, you can express yourself through your creativity and give your home a personal touch.


Even with a small budget, you can choose from a variety of options like using old furniture to get a new look by merely changing places or remodeling, making something out of waste boxes, bottles, old newspaper, etc. All these ‘Do It Yourself’ projects are not only fun but also very refreshing. They can give your home a completely new look with just a little effort. You can also choose to make curtains, traditional or modern wall pieces, etc. Even if you are not more of the creative type, you can simply go for having matching furniture, have a painting or two, wind-chimes, indoor or outdoor plants, have calendars as per your profession or anything that simply sets the mood right. With a big budget, you can even go for complete redesigning on your own or get the services of a professional and in collaboration, get your home a makeover.

The most important thing to keep in mind while making a house your ‘sweet home’ is that it should make you feel comfortable, should belong to you and must be like your own reflection. It should make you feel happier and relaxed than you would have been at any other place because home is where one gathers the memories of a lifetime.