Do you really need rhinoplasty surgery?

People having qualms with their nose! Yeah I can understand your problem! I was born with a bulbous nose. This has always caused problems in my life and I have always tried to find my way out of it. Along with my age, my nose blossomed into a full bulb and became the sole cause of my public embarrassment. Things got ugly when I was it college, people started bullying me. It was then that I heard about nose job. Rhinoplasty was an increasing trend in Dubai. visit

I read on the internet that a nose job or rhinoplasty was one way to perfect your nose. This gave me new confidence and all the testimonials made me determined to get the surgery done. I was so strong about the surgery that I also started imagining a fantabulous new life post the surgery. I started imagining how I would get the much wanted attention from my crush.

Rhinoplasty Dubai


I immediately booked an appointment with a renowned plastic surgeon. Talking to the surgeon filled me up with new confidence. The surgeon first asked me to do some nose shaping exercises. However, the doctor also told me that the exercises would be more effective for younger kids.  I went back to the doctor after 2 months and this time I got an appointment fixed for the surgery! Was I excited? Yes very much. But before that, the doctor gave me some tips to practice. The tips were:

  • To avoid Aspirin and blood-thinning medications
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Taking vitamins E, C, and iron

Two weeks passed and the surgery was done. The bulb was gone and I now had a sharp and cute looking nose.  Before the surgery, I just wanted to look good but the surgery actually helped me gain confidence. The decision of undergoing the knife has helped me see life from a new angle. So that is my story and for all the people who wish to get rhinoplasty in Dubai, Medstar is the best destination for you.