Hernia Surgery in Dubai

Causes and Treatment of Hernia

Hernia is when an organ protrudes into a weak spot of the muscle, causing it to rupture. It is mostly occurs in the abdomen, but, it can appear in the thigh, groins, or belly button. Hernia is not serious in the initial stages. However, in the latter stages, undergoing a hernia surgery in Dubai will be required to remove it from the body’s system.

The weakness of the muscle could be present at birth and certain activities can trigger the movement of the organ, causing hernia. The weakening of the muscle is due to obesity, poor nutrition and smoking. A few such activities that lead to hernia are jobs that require lifting heavy objects, diarrhea, constantly coughing, and chronic constipation. In such conditions, going for a hernia surgery in Dubai is ideal. These gastroenterologists have a variety of options for treating hernia. These are:

  1.       Lifestyle changes: hernia is a lifestyle disease that can only be cured by maintaining a healthy one. Simple changes like having light meals, refraining from lying down after a meal and staying fit can help bring back comfort to the abdomen.
  2.       Medications: Antacids and h-2 receptor blockers are over the counter drug which removes excess stomach acid. This can alleviate abdominal pain and improve symptoms. Ayurveda presents two drugs, Hernica and Acidim, which clears the infection and reduces the inflammation.
  3.       Surgery: if the hernia advances, there is no other option but to operate it. This can be done via two methods, either open or laparoscopy. Both use the same concept of closing the abdominal hole with a surgical mesh. However, the laparoscopy method is easier and requires minimal time to recover.

If left untreated, there are high chances for complications to occur. For instance a portion of the intestine can get trapped or may die. This can lead to a build-up of pressure and pain to that area. If taken lightly, hernia can become life threatening. To prevent this, the Lapsurgery clinic is always ready to accept appointments to discuss patients’ problems.