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Best Perfumes To Buy During Summers

With sizzling hot summers comes the unpleasant odor. As you get ready with your summer essentials like sunglasses and sunscreen, a refreshing perfume is also a must. Like your wardrobe accessories, your perfumes too need to be changed every season. Whether you are planning for a daytime out on beach or having a party at night, you must own a scent that is long lasting and rejuvenating. Perfumes do get stronger in the summer heat, so keep in mind that you shouldn’t buy a fragrance that is sickeningly strong already. Instead, wear fragrances that are fresh and light, as this will help you feel fresh as well. Lacoste perfumes in Dubai have launched some cool aromas that are ideal for the warm weather.

You can get Lacoste perfumes in Dubai at V Perfumes stores. The sun is up and it’s time to smell fresh. So go ahead and purchase these scents by Lacoste you will never go wrong with.

  • Eau de Lacoste Blanc Limited Edition

A much sophisticated lighter and citrusy fragrance that opens up with grapefruit, rosemary, and cedar leaf notes. It’s a perfect fragrance having a woody herbal and floral trio that is not overbearing like many other scents. Not too fruity, not too ambery, this summery scent is clean, classic and fresh, that is perfect for this warm season.

  • Eau de Lacoste Noir

A lingering aroma of watermelon, lavender, verbena, and Egyptian basil makes it truly memorable. It is a great cologne that stays for a longer time and works excellent on sweats. Don’t let the looks of the bottle fool you. It’s housed with the preciousness of dark chocolate that will make you stand out of the crowd.

  • Lacoste Sparkling

A radiant floral perfume that is specially created for the playful moments of the summer time the heart of the fragrances. It opens up with blackberry, red apple and mandarin notes that surely make you feel like going out for holidays. This pink bottle will hit your senses so much with its first spray that you will want to wear it every summer as your signature scent.

  • Eau de Lacoste Yellow Jaune

With an accord of apple and amber, this scent is different from all typical fruit smelling perfumes. It represents optimism and sunshine rays in a bottle that leaves a zingy and electrifying effect on you. Having so energizing and uplifting fragrance with top notes of grapefruit, pink pepper and tonic water that people cannot resist smelling it.

Different categories of perfumes available in perfume stores

Whenever you are out to buy perfumes in Dubai it’s very likely to get confused in the variety of choices of fragrances that you might find in a perfume store. Out of all the aspects in a perfume, the strength or concentration of fragrance determines the price of the perfume as well as its suitability on different skin types. Let us take a look at the different types of perfumes based on the strength.

  •         Parfum

These are generally the most exensive types of scents and are also called extrait de parfum or simply pure perfumes. These have the highest concentration of fragrance. They consist around 15% to 30% of fragrance. Due to this their smell also last from six to eight hours. Moreover, since these perfumes have less alcohol concentration, it is best suited for people having sensitive skin types.

  •         Eau de Parfum

Eau de parfum (EDP) is next to parfum having the next highest fragrance concentration from around 15% and 20%. The smell of eau de parfum lasts for about four to five hours. It is also expensive but far less than parfum. Although it has a slightly higher concentration of alcohol than parfum, people with sensitive skin can opt for this fragrance type.

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  •         Eau de Toilette

In an eau de toilette (EDT), the concentration of fragrance is usually between 5% and 15%. Therefore this type of perfume is cheaper and quite popularly used by many. The smell of this type of perfume lasts for just around three hours. Generally people consider wearing eau de toilette during the day. But because of the higher concentration of alcohol, it is not suitable for people with sensitive skin.

  •         Eau de Cologne

From all of the above mentioned categories, the eau de cologne, or EDC, has the lowest fragrance concentration of about 2% to 4%. But it consists of a high concentration of alcohol and so is quite cheaper. The smell generally last for duration of two hours. Not recommended to be used by those having sensitive skin types,

V Perfumes is one of the best places to buy perfumes in Dubai of every type and category at affordable prices.