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Common icing types for a cake

Most of the celebrated occasions like a wedding, a birthday or wedding anniversary, are considered to be incomplete without a scrumptious creamy cake. In all of such occasions, people commence the celebrations by serving something sweet. And what can be better than cutting a delicious cake brought from one of the best cake shops in Dubai. You can find a number of cakes in a variety of styles, shapes, designs and flavors at these bakeries and select the one according to your choices and preferences.

Cakes in Dubai

The icings on the cakes that you get in these cake shops in Dubai are believed to not only add to the flavor of the cake, but also make it look appealing and yummy. Icing on the cake is available in many types and here we shall be telling you about a few. Take a look.

  • Frostings:  frostings are the most common types used for icing on the cake. You can add any color of your choice to give a vibrant appeal to the cake. To prepare this often butter is mixed with icing sugar and pasteurized egg white is also included to make the frosting stay intact when it is piped on to the cakes or cupcakes.
  • Fondant: this is a mixture of sugar, gelatine, and glycerine that gives it dough-like consistency. Sine fondant saves the cake from falling apart and also doesn’t melt away in humidity, unlike frosting, this is becoming very popular type of icing to decorate the cakes and cupcakes.
  • Buttercream: this icing type is meant for cakes or cupcakes that are meant for immediate consumption. The reason behind this is that this icing type is made by thoroughly mixing butter with milk, icing sugar, and vanilla essence till it gains an icing type consistency and the buttercream tends to melt as soon as it is out of the refrigerator. An icing of buttermilk is perfect for decorating a birthday cake which is immediately consumed.

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