5 creative samples for flyers

You might have often seen them in your mail box, at work places, on bulletin boards or on the store windows. Yes, flyers are what being talked about. These have been one of the best ideas of marketing your business locally. But if the local consumers do not find the flyers to be attractive and appealing, for sure these will end up in a trash can or trampled in the street. So if you do not want your marketing idea to go into the recycle bin, you must always make sure that these bits of paper do their job of catching the attention of the consumers and may be even getting them to take action of purchasing your product. In order to do that you will need to design them very carefully so that they immediately grab the consumers’ attention. So here we have 5 creative samples of flyer designs that you can consider.


Use bold colors
When you design your flyer embracing bright and bold color pallets, then it certainly will attract the attention of the person, whether kept near him or across the room. For example, in this design of Martin Azambuja, where he has made use of vibrant colors to indicate the fresh ingredients of the dishes that the flyer advertises.

Combine several font styles
You can attain a different design of the flyer by simply mixing up the font style and size. this will give a dramatic look to your flyer, making it stand out. This design from Overloaded Design, gets a distinctive appeal by mixing 3D text style with some subtle, grungy textures
Use detailed graphics
You can make your flyer look stunning by using finally detailed graphics in the design. But make sure to use a simple and symmetrical color palette to avoid the design look too complicated. For instance, in this design by Kristie Kam, where the major focus is brought onto a visual theme of geometric shapes and patterns.
Make it perfect with imperfections
Rough or textured designs that are a little imperfect are very much in demand than more slickly produced flyers. A perfect example of this imperfectly perfect design is this hand-carved block print by Jack Daniel Bagdadi.

Shape it up
You can grab attention with creatively and distinctively used shapes in the flyer design. for example this design by Justin Krout who has shaped tests and graphics as well to create a multifaceted 3D effect.

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