Basic things you should know about a closet

When remodelling your bedroom or building a new one, special focus should be given to designing a closet. Not just for storage needs, it can also be used as dressing table by adding the mirror to the panel of the wardrobe. The designing of your closet must go hand in hand with the interiors as this plays an important part in the overall designing of the bedroom and a good design gives maximum use of the space. For building a beautiful closet, you can take the help of Interior designing companies in Dubai.

The closet should be at least 4 feet deep or they should run throughout the length of the wall to provide the maximum amount of storage space. You should also consider the height of the closet as this will determine the type of items you can store it and send it.

Closets can be of

U shape

The designer places u shaped closet between three walIs, but it looks beautiful.

L shape

the interior designer places L shaped closet between the two the room walls.


Another trending fashion is a straight closet. It is considered as not functional choice as their slides enable maximum storage space. Also, you can add a vintage mirror or other suitable decorative pieces.

You can also customize closet designs to make better use of your closet space. A good design of the closet can make the entire your room look much spacious and attractive. You can also depend on the internet for additional closet design ideas. Make use of interactive design tools to experiment with your ideas. Also, have a clear Idea of the items that should be placed in the closet.