A few easy stained glass projects for your interior

Decorating any place with stained glass enhances its beauty and leaves an impression on society. As it is a versatile medium it has become a new trend to decorate the places with stained glass in Dubai. It makes a dull place look lively by its different artworks. There are many creative ideas for using stained glass. Let us explore a few ideas to create easy artworks from stained glass in Dubai.

  • Stained Glass Mosaic: Stained glass mosaic is quite easy to make by yourself. They add an exquisite look to your house as these are the stand-alone art pieces. You just need to find out a pattern of your choice. You can search for the designs in the market or on the internet. Then you will need some stained glass chips with glass glue and grout.

Get started with transferring the pattern to the surface and glue the glass stained chips over it. Once done, apply the grout and fill all the gaps left behind. Let it dry. After it dries off to clean the surface with a cloth and your mosaic is ready. If you want, you can color the glass stained chips with acrylic color.

  • Stained Glass Mirror Frame: Making a glass frame is also similar to the above method. You only have to choose the pattern. The pattern should suit the frame you want to decorate. The choice is up to you whether you want to just enhance the corners or the full frame. To make the stained glass mirror frame follow the method mentioned above.
  • Stained Glass Lamps: You can decorate your old lamps and turn them into a new stylish looking art piece in no time. When gluing glass pieces on lamp remember that the pieces should be big in size so that you have to use less grout. This will allow the light to pass through. You can also make a stained glass chandelier.

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